Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care? Ms. Bralalalala Responds to Spider Man Art Director Hate Site<br/> <br/> Spider Man art director, and his accomplice girlfriend, &quot;Landa,&quot; have continued their tirade on Bralalalala with regular updates to their hate webpage <a href="http://www.bralalala.com">www.bralalala.com</a> for months, since a police report was filed against him for sexual assault at his home, after Landa lured me into his home through her &quot;strictly platonic,&quot; craigslist posting seeking a friend. The e mails between Landa and I leading up to our meeting, wherein two other girls did not show up at the house that were supposed to, are straightforward and pertain to professional careers and meeting up for a dance. Obviously, that was not entirely the intent on their end, or what happened.<br/> It is pretty easy to accidentally or intentionally target a transgender person by pretending their lives should be normal depite their lifestyle. However, I have a long history of doing everything I can to make my life, &quot;normal,&quot; depite being transgender. I can assure you, this is no easy task. I have been issued ritualistic employment discrimination and the milionaire family abandoning me. I am a college educated trans for whatever value that has-not a ton though in some fields a rare exception may be locatable. Music may have been my second &quot;vice,&quot; since, after all, there&#39;s never been a signed full blown transgender rock singer that I&#39;m aware of (despite a history of androgyny in rock, this is something much further out there to most). It was no coincidence I allowed my publicist to have his way with me publicly by his promoting me to be on, &quot;Moral Court,&quot; on ABC against my bidding in 2000, instead of a more complimentary program format, which I was informed would have been the case otherwise. I wanted to document publicly what I was enduring ahead of time to all those who may care. Unfortunately, no one that could really aid my singing career from a business dealing standpoint saw that program and recognized I was a true victim right there on the spot. Years of oppression have followed.<br/> Every day relationships aren&#39;t that easy for me from the transgender standpoint, in consideration of the fact that most don&#39;t &quot;understand&quot; what I am or so they may claim, or if they think they &quot;get it,&quot; I often find myself correcting them. If I had it my way, I&#39;d be like you. I&#39;d have a job, respected regardless of gender related physical appearance (I&#39;m not a slob after all), and normal relationships coming out of that. It just doesn&#39;t work that way. I also prefer to date women, not men. However, no one really expects that. So, again, I&#39;m dating the best person under the best circumstance I can find. That doesn&#39;t mean I should be subjected to being sexually assaulted in response to a &quot;strictly platonic,&quot; meet up however, does it? It doesn&#39;t mean I should be forced to be chased down the street under attack, does it? Life hasn&#39;t been that swell as of yet in material terms living this way however, it still has some levels of decency it can be<br/> afforded,even while my financier program is yet fully underway, has it not?<br/> Transitioning from rock star to financier so as to fund the rock albums independently and so on, is like turning the great plains into the high seas. These are two totally different ballgames, obviously. That transition is extreme, to say the least. However, that was the task I outlined in response to my being &quot;Moral Courted.&quot;<br/> The hate website created by Klassen and Landa is insidious by the day.It plays on all the stereotypes from the ignorant notion I&#39;m somehow getting a bargain by being transgender, and it is really an real identity scam to set people up for extortion (what, after they sexually assault me you mean?), not a genuine psychological and aesthetic condition that I have.<br/> Yes, I have used a variety of different names throughout time. Since I was dropped by my family who can&#39;t bear to &quot;look&quot; at me for fear it might burn their eyes, I might as well try a few new names don&#39;t you think? Yes, I have been banned from msn hotmail a long time ago when I was promoting my music on messageboards, and people endlessly replied on the sites about my band, and site administrators wanted my band banned (what else is new) so they cried wolf to the wimps at censor friendly hotmail.<br/> As for lying about my horroscope. Yes it is true. I have posted false birthdates to absolute online myspace strangers online, because I simply find it unconsequential and unimportant. Why not have some fun? I can have a sense of humor despite all the drama still. I still have the gusto. As for the slew of sorry links posted to this hatesite, most of them are self explanatory and direct link worthy as proof of no issue. Is it true I have half dressed photos posted on the now censored myspace page (censored why compared to the other girls on myspace still not sure)? I guess you could convict me of that. Does that make me a &quot;whore,&quot; as the site so impertinently suggests? Probably not in real life terms no. However, it is surely something a lot of women would not do. It doesn&#39;t really equate to an invitation to Klassen however, especially since the myspace Landa had him view before meeting me said on it I am lesbian. Regardless of debate over what my sexuality is or is not or why or why not or when or when not. It was clearly not favorable to meeting with Klassen for sex on that date and time. I don&#39;t hop into a cab and expect to be sexually assaulted there either. There is a time and place for things. Klassen forced himself on me in a completely out of context get together for friendship, with not even him, but his girlfriend. So, for all the things that they&#39;d like to allege about my promiscuity, they are alleging it after the fact of his crime, knowing nothing about me when the crime was committed but the myspace page I linked for Landa in response to her platonic craigslist posting. The irony of it all is, if Klassen and Landa even knew what platonic meant in relation to a transgender person, I could have a couple of genuine friends instead of a continued life of facing threats on me. At what point does someone like Klassen become the cause of the problem for what someone like me faces, instead<br/> of me, as the victim being interrogated and being the problem? I didn&#39;t start this fist fight. Klassen did it with his own non chalant arrogance toward me (still completely oblivious to it obviously) disrespect and mistreatment of me.<br/> The site goes on with yet more nonsense...everything from posting a photo of a band I was never in saying I was in the photo and in the anonymous band..to posting alleged &quot;whore&quot; ads online where I will wear outfits to lure attention or something of that kind..to saying I have a criminal background (not reality), to that I am a thief (not sure what link proves that), to that I&#39;m a pedophile (another link of rubbish)...to saying I don&#39;t appear trans all the time (which I do and have since I was 16 and left home), to that I have some alleged trans associate in crime (a character devised purely from their imagination)...to that I&#39;ve sued people for no reason despite that no lawsuit was ever lost at trial, most all settled out of court or I otherwise simply wasn&#39;t able to pursue but not ruled against.. (and no, I haven&#39;t sued anyone for bigotry or any other reason in over 5 years, and no one in Orange County..which is good news..) ..though it is true,<br/> no civil case was totally ever non gender related in my view (then again, when was I ever hired for anything..lol)...to the idea no one is a fan of my music in the named places or elsewhere, written interviews, awards etc.(factually incorrect)..<br/> Amazingly, there are those who have taken this site seriously, and have on an ongoing basis further canned my music career opportunities (by the way my music is pretty damn good especially the new stuff..I guess we will have to call it forced closet metal)..for that reason, I suppose I should respond to all this. Though really, couldn&#39;t you see through this vaneer hiding a crime called Klassen already?<br/> MS. BRALALALALA